Ready To start your own

Interactive IDirectory

To start a business directory seems to be easy, and sounds like easy money. We are providing you with some thoughts to make sure you’re ready for your new business adventure.


You need to be able to sign up a minimum of 100 clients.


You should get agents that knows your market for the best results.


If you have a current group on Facebook, WhatsApp, Business Network or other, you may already have clients for your IDirectory.

A Good Monthly Starting Price is R499 per listing

So What Income Can You Expect.

Listing License

A monthly fee of R140 is charged per active listing. This ensures each user can send unlimited push notifications and have a call center for help.

Agent Commission

You decide what you pay your agents, but R130 per active listing is a good starting point.

For every 100 businesses, their monthly income will then be R13,000

Your Income

There is R229 left as your IDirectory income.

Businesses like to know they support a good cause. Donating a part of your income could get you more listings.

From every 100 clients, you will earn xR229 = R22,900 less your donation to a good cause.